What We Do Best


Three seconds. That’s the average time consumers give to any product or service pitch, regardless of the medium. In one quick glance, the message must get through. The information age puts a premium on resourcefulness—the exploration of techniques and the discovery of solutions. Building effective creative means balancing smart concepts with energetic design for maximum clarity, impact and benefit. It’s the most exciting part of the work we do.

At Rapport, we have a history of conceiving the right ideas for the right medium and getting the greatest impact—of making your project sing. It’s what gets the best results. Let us work with you to develop a high-quality advertising strategy and produce creative that gets you noticed on television and radio, in the cinema, newspaper, magazine, transportation or out-of-home executions. We’ll make the most of your three seconds.


Targeted messaging and flawless execution are vital. We build our client’s strategy from the bottom up, examining every channel of communications. Using all available resources, we start by defining reality; we get input from our clients, develop a full appreciation for the products, and study the market. We recreate the three-dimensional environment in which our clients, their products, customers and prospects interact. In this way, we can create an action plan based on true needs—one that empowers our clients with the best tools and covers them from all sides. Our goal is simple: We want to send the right message to the right market.

Public relations

Clarity. Understanding. Honesty. Effective relationships. If marketing is the heart and advertising is the soul, communication is the brain of a beneficial campaign. Efficient PR begins with an understanding of the world and the client’s need. We incorporate that knowledge into a strategic, integrated communications system. Our PR approach is simple: focus on the key message and the audience. Develop the message that resonates with the key publics, then determine the best tactics to communicate it. We specialize in media relations counsel, employee communications, customer relations and event management.

Media planning

Impact. Impact. Impact. Developing the best media strategy that makes the most of your budget is a critical element to success. At Rapport, we go beyond the traditional to find unique ways to bring new attention to any medium. Our seasoned team works hard to get optimal value and negotiate the best buy to make the most of your budget. We’ll put together the right approach to get you noticed!

Co-operative advertising opportunities

Strategic and targeted. Many times, two or more groups are setting out to achieve objectives within similar target markets. When these markets coincide, unique opportunities present themselves. At Rapport, we bring added value to our clients by always looking for possible strategic co-operative opportunities. In evaluating opportunities, there must be benefits for both parties and a means to extend the parties’ messages so both are communicated.

Event management

Create a lasting impression. We develop themes that take the ordinary to the extraordinary while tying in to your business objectives. Our talented team works hard to cover every detail, so all you have to do is enjoy the event. Whether you are planning an off-site corporate meeting, an annual general meeting, a client reception or an employee gathering, we can help you make it memorable. 


Creating web traffic is our focus. Web success is built around a creative hook that captivates the audience. It should reflect your brand and be a virtual experience that draws on human emotions. Your site should consider the brand attributes and be true to them. On the technical side, an effective website only infuses the “wow” factor when it is appropriate. Whether it’s website development, e-newsletters or electronic direct mail, our design team makes sure the project attracts attention and encourages people to respond.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essentially a matching game – but a matching game with hundreds of factors. Our goal is to dramatically improve your rank results for a number of key phrases and terms on the four major search engines: Google, Yahoo, MSN, and AOL. Our approach to Search Engine Optimization is highly structured and research based. The process includes: research, testing, site scripting and modifications and reporting.  Get your website working harder for you and delivering the results your on-line investment deserves.