The Talent

Big experience. Rapport Communications is a team of highly experienced industry professionals who have come together through shared values, headed by the company’s founder, Pearleen Mofford. This team is like the members of an a cappella group, where each singer’s harmony contributes to the final product: a beautifully executed song that resonates with its audience.

We treat Rapport as a democracy, recognizing our unique skills and strengths. Contributions and input are welcomed from all members, by all members. We seek strength through collaboration and agreement, never through compromise.

Each member of the Rapport team is also an entrepreneur/business owner. We believe this experience strengthens our abilities to tackle your project. We understand the importance of effective communications and have a strong desire to meet your objectives. Our reputations ride on it.

At any given time, we have just the right number of people (and just the right people) working on client projects. You won’t pay for superfluous staff. This process saves clients money without compromising service.